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Flow is a concept magazine that featured fresh ideas and content. Every issue showcased art, lifestyle, and design-related material through the perspective of a guest curator. These curators collaborated with lizza's room to come out with publications that were experimental, expressive, and out of the ordinary. 

flow 03 / flow makes history

The third issue of Flow focused on the rich history of Philippine art, design, and culture. Layers of textures and a myriad of intricate details were used to communicate this deep, evolving heritage. The issue was truly a celebration of Filipino artistry and craftsmanship that remains timeless and significant. Flow 03 was curated by Ricky Toledo and Chito Vijandre.

flow 04 / flow is the prescription

The fourth issue of Flow prescribed that art, style, and design are viable entities whose language and existence remain pertinent through good and bad times. Conceptualized and designed during a time of global recession, natural disasters, and the n1h1 flu outbreak, this issue offered the reader a doze of aspirational expressions. Flow 04 was curated by Cesar Gaupo.

Flow 04 reaped the Editorial Merit in the HOW International Design Awards 2010.

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